U.S. Energy Grid Needs a $15 Billion Overhaul

The lack of timely investments in refurbishing, replacing, and modernizing energy infrastructure has rendered the U.S. energy system old, obsolete and vulnerable.
Posted On 21 Apr 2015
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Renewed call for the removal of fossil-fuel subsidies

GENEVA, April 17, 2015—A coalition of governments are calling for the phase-out of subsidies to fossil fuels in the lead-up to a major climate conference in Paris. A group of eight countries known as the Friends of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform released a Communiqué encouraging...
Posted On 20 Apr 2015
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Closing the $70 Billion Climate Finance Gap – End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

“Fossil fuel subsidies send out a terrible signal: burn more carbon.” World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.
Posted On 13 Apr 2015
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The changing face of electricity generation – jobs in the coal industry plummet

Transition to clean coal technology to reduce coal plants’ negative environmental impacts, may be only salvation for coal dependent regions
Posted On 12 Apr 2015
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China ramps up the rhetoric on climate change – country’s harvests and infrastructure at risk

China is the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases − largely due to its reliance on coal for power generation.
Posted On 31 Mar 2015
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The environmental side benefits to climate change mitigation

Climate change mitigation measures may generate benefits in addition to their principal intended goals.
Posted On 21 Mar 2015
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Lessons learned in the management of multilateral climate negotiations

The 2009 Copenhagen failed because of poor management by the Danish host and the UN Secretariat. 
Posted On 16 Mar 2015
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New plans announced to govern oil sands tailings ponds and water use

Efforts to strengthen environmental protections in the oil sands could be stimulus for new recovery, remediation and restoration technologies
Posted On 15 Mar 2015
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