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WHAT IS CLEAN TECHNOLOGY … “a diverse range of products, services, and processes that harness renewable materials and energy sources, dramatically reduce the use of natural resources, and cut or eliminate emissions and wastes.”  Clean Edge

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What are green jobs and how can I get one

In general, the term applies to any job that is related to producing goods and delivering...
Posted On 13 Jan 2023

7 Ways to Prevent Pollution with Industrial Waste Management

By: Emily Newton Industrial corporations are responsible for conducting robust waste management...
Posted On 15 Nov 2022

Canada Releases First Step Towards Net-Zero Concrete

Canada’s cement industry has been steadfast in its commitment to tackle climate change and...
Posted On 09 Nov 2022

Top 10 Considerations When Purchasing an EV

If you’re thinking about making the switch to an electric vehicle , you might be wondering how...
Posted On 26 Oct 2022

Is the Future of Wind Energy Gummy Bears

Scientists at the University of Michigan might mean components of wind turbine blades can be...
Posted On 20 Sep 2022

Futureproofing our Infrastructure

Two primary issues are related to natural hazard events such as earthquakes or floods.  They...
Posted On 16 Aug 2022

Fighting Climate Change with Agriculture

We can avoid the worst environmental impacts by implementing sustainable management practices...
Posted On 15 Aug 2022

The Resilience Advantage – Disaster Resilient Design

Nothing is more compelling as a topic of research and action in today’s very turbulent...
Posted On 23 Jul 2022
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The Role of Dual-Use Solar Panels in Agriculture

The agricultural industry is adopting solar technologies to support sustainability trends. ...
Posted On 23 Jul 2022

Transforming Your House into An Eco-Friendly Home

In addition to improving monthly utility bills, making a home eco-friendly can also improve the...
Posted On 08 Jul 2022

Living water: Northern Indigenous communities’ use and perceptions of drinking water

Water is life and protecting the water is essential for the health of Indigenous communities.
Posted On 13 Jun 2022

Grid Failures 0r Policy Failures.

Changing climate presents a new set of challenges for utilities nationwide. But why are power...
Posted On 10 Jun 2022