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6th Smart Communications & Technology Forum

June 16, 2016


Smart Communications & Technology Forum is an annual event taking place in Poland, dedicated to the subject of smart grids and smart metering. The main goal of the forum is to invite international experts on smart grid and smart metering technology and then encourage them to exchange and share their knowledge and experience.

Each year we are honored to host an event with all the mayor representatives of the market including experts on energy and natural gas markets, representatives of the public sector and administration, scientists, engineers, technology developers, financial institutions as well as government officials.

6th edition of the Forum will focus on problems like:

  • regulations and investments for smart implementation and development
  • implementation strategies for companies
  • Smart Leaders case study: domestic and international experience, commercial implementation

utilizing the potential of smart infrastructure and technology solutions for combining smart

grid systems and renewable energy and distributed energy sources

  • Energy Storage
  • Customer Engagement (Demand Side Response, dynamic rates, prepaid systems, etc)
  • Smart Metering new technologies and active energy consumer
  • Internet of Things
  • Virtual Power Plants

The upcoming 6th Smart Communication and Technology Forum will be held in a form of parallel sessions. Apart from the main public debate in which experts shall outline and analyze the current market standpoint and regulations, we are also going to host two separate subject specific sessions:

  • “Smart grid”/”Smart metering” a session solely devoted to the issue of effective management of the market, its automatization and new technologies as well as solutions when combining the Smart Grid with renewable enemy and distributed energy sources.
  • Workshop “Instructions on maintenance and exploitation of the grid and the quality regulations”

More information on the Forum can be found here:


Contact details:

 CBE POLSKA, tel/fax: +48 22 82 77 123, e-mail: biuro@cbepolska.pl


June 16, 2016