The Ocean Is The World’s 7th Largest Economy: WWF

The ocean rivals the wealth of the world’s richest countries, but it is being allowed to sink to the depths of a failed economy
Posted On 23 Apr 2015
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Coastal Storm Surges and Climate Change – Atlantic Canada at Risk

Coastal regions like Atlantic Canada face a unique set of risks from storm surges
Posted On 31 Oct 2014
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Pre-history proof of climate’s see-saw sensitivity

It doesn’t take much to change a planet’s climate
Posted On 24 Aug 2014
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Atlantic depths may hold key to heat hiatus

Many earlier papers focused on symptoms at the surface of the earth not in the deep ocean
Posted On 22 Aug 2014
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Arctic warming blamed for dangerous heat waves

Giant waves in the jet stream that govern our weather pose major threats to economies and human health.
Posted On 16 Aug 2014
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Plastic Wastes – a $13 Billion Financial Impact on Marine Ecosystems Each Year

The financial damage of plastics to marine ecosystems is US$13 billion each year.
Posted On 26 Jun 2014
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US Water Sector on the Verge of Transformation

 Failure to act now could lead to major problems of water supply for both industrial, agricultural and consumer use.  GLOBE-Net, May 23, 2013 – A new White Paper by Ernst & Young says the US must act quickly to address a number of critical water challenges, including...
Posted On 23 May 2013

New Research May Solve the Problem of Plastic Wastes

New forms of bio-plastic that are naturally biodegradable or even carbon positive may be the beginning of a possible solution for the problem of plastic waste.
Posted On 08 May 2013