New York Releases New Plan for a Strong and Just City

New Sustainability Plan establishes bold goals and specific targets for a strong, sustainable, resilient, and more equitable city
Posted On 25 Apr 2015
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Who really is responsible for climate change and industrial emissions policy in Canada?

We have learned to live the lack of clarity as to who actually is responsible for climate change policy in Canada. But can this continue?
Posted On 23 Mar 2015
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Energy-related emissions stalled in 2014 – Is this a sign of change?

IEA data point to emissions decoupling from economic growth for the first time in 40 years
Posted On 13 Mar 2015
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No relief from constant nuclear headache

No country has solved the problem of how to deal with waste that remains dangerous to humans for thousands of years.
Posted On 27 Jan 2015
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Renewable power costs continue to fall

Competiveness of renewable power generation technologies continued to improve in 2014
Posted On 17 Jan 2015
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Record setting year for wind energy in Canada

Canada has set a record for the installation of new wind energy capacity
Posted On 15 Jan 2015
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It’s time to tackle construction and demolition waste

On a per capita basis Canadians generate more wastes than another country in the world
Posted On 06 Jan 2015
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