The Arguments Against Climate Action Are Crumbling Fast

by Andrew Winston It’s getting very hard for the “go slow” crowd on climate and the clean economy. All of the best talking points are completely falling apart. Here are 7 core arguments about why the U.S. acting on climate change, or building a clean economy, are bad ideas…and...
Posted On 25 Oct 2015
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Global Climate Agreement – A Bridge Too Far?

National contributions provide entry point for the low-carbon transformation: the Paris Agreement now needs to build a bridge to the below 2°C goal
Posted On 22 Oct 2015
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Climate cash flow to poorer nations is still too slow

Rich countries are failing to fulfil pledges to make billions of dollars available to help the developing world tackle climate change.
Posted On 12 Oct 2015
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Land “Grabbing” Grows as Agricultural Resources Dwindle

As global agricultural resources shrink or shift, countries are crossing borders to obtain new farmlands
Posted On 06 Oct 2015
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Renewables to lead world power market growth to 2020

As costs fall and emerging economies drive growth, IEA report sees major opportunities – but policy uncertainties remain
Posted On 02 Oct 2015
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Solving the Problem of Plastic Waste in the World’s Oceans 

The next 10 years will be critical to effectively solve the problem of ocean plastic– a problem that is not just local, but global in nature.
Posted On 01 Oct 2015
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Advancing Indigenous rights is the key to advancing business – report

Boreal Council report dispels a prevailing myth in Canada that there is nothing but conflict between resource development and Indigenous communities
Posted On 26 Sep 2015
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Carbon Pricing 2015 – New Principles for a Low Carbon Path

The number of implemented or planned carbon pricing schemes has almost doubled since 2012, and is now worth about $50 billion
Posted On 20 Sep 2015
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