Wildfire evacuations: How our diverse experiences can strengthen disaster response

Wildfire affects us all. Differently. This is the central message from research about the social dimensions of climate hazards.
Posted On 21 Jul 2023

Indigenous and western ways of knowing can help Canada achieve its biodiversity goals

The health of wildlife is socially, culturally and economically important to Indigenous Canadians.
Posted On 06 Apr 2023

Long-term investments are needed to fix Canada’s infrastructure gap

Governments will need to take on additional costs, and individuals will need to learn to accept that improving our communities costs money.
Posted On 30 Mar 2023

How Can the West Coast Prepare for Worsening Droughts

The drought that began over two decades ago shows no signs of lessening. The region may plunge into a perpetual dry season.
Posted On 27 Mar 2023

The climate crisis demands we green higher education

The challenge is not so much to integrate sustainable development into engineering or management as to teach engineering and management for sustainable development. Shutterstock
Posted On 15 Feb 2023

10 Steps for Sustainable Disaster Recovery

Natural disasters are a worrisome threat for many communities, but there are clear steps they can take to prepare and become resilient in the long run.
Posted On 09 Dec 2022

Canada Releases First Step Towards Net-Zero Concrete

Canada’s cement industry has been steadfast in its commitment to tackle climate change and reach net zero by 2050.
Posted On 09 Nov 2022

Top 10 Considerations When Purchasing an EV

If you’re thinking about making the switch to an electric vehicle , you might be wondering how an EV is different from a petrol-powered car. Here are the top 10 considerations when purchasing an EV
Posted On 26 Oct 2022