Climate Change, Wildfires and Forest Management

Hotter and drier weather patterns, outdated forest management practices, and poor logging decisions from governments and industry are causing a commotion. A storm is brewing.
Posted On 19 Dec 2023

Water Woes: Why Is PFA Removal From Water Systems so Complex?

PFAS are prevalent in almost half of the country’s tap water, yet experts still struggle to find cost-effective and scalable solutions to address this issue.
Posted On 14 Dec 2023

Innovative Home Trends That Can Increase Energy Efficiency This Winter

Winter is a great time to boost a home’s energy efficiency. Homeowners can reduce bills, stay warmand do their bit to combat climate change.
Posted On 13 Dec 2023

Tech Innovations and the Financial Benefits of Aging in Place

Population aging is becoming a dominant trend worldwide. As baby boomers age, more issues arise for older adults, such as fears about healthcare, independent living, and digital financial literacy.
Posted On 06 Dec 2023

The path to net-zero emissions runs through industry

As government leaders and climate negotiators gather for the COP28 an enormous challenge looms over the proceedings: decarbonizing the global industrial sector.
Posted On 29 Nov 2023

Environmental protection requires a revolution in how we talk about our forests

Human discourse around trees both shapes and is shaped by our education, beliefs, experience and relationships with trees.
Posted On 25 Nov 2023

Building Homes for Resilience Against Climate Change

When it comes to housing, research is still ongoing to find the best ways of making these structures resist the effects of global warming and unruly weather.
Posted On 24 Nov 2023

Wildfires are turning forest ecosystems from carbon sinks to net-emitters

The vast boreal forests of the Northern Hemisphere stretch from Scandinavia through Siberia, Alaska and Canada.
Posted On 07 Nov 2023