Clean Technology and the Future of Waste Management

Waste management has emerged as one of history’s most significant societal challenges
Posted On 26 Jul 2023

Joining forces: How collaboration can help tackle Canada’s escalating wildfire threat

Effective collaboration may be a key to minimizing impacts of the growing wildfire season in Canada. Working together with various emergency response teams is critical to the success of its management.
Posted On 23 Jul 2023

Inflation – Is the Bank of Canada fixing it or making it worse

Inflation affects everything, making it harder to feed our families, pay rent, or even afford a home. The Bank of Canada is operating in a vacuum. Its policies need to be fixed.
Posted On 20 Jul 2023

What are the Ten Steps needed to Create a Sustainable City

Citywide environmentally friendly measures ensure a healthy and safe future for citizens. But Sustainable Cities don't just happen. A series of steps are needed to make cities sustainable.
Posted On 19 Jul 2023

‘Zombie fires’ are occurring more frequently in boreal forests

“Zombie fires” are fires that ignite in one fire season, smoulder through the winter months and re-emerge early in the spring.
Posted On 13 Jul 2023

How Will Canadian Wildfires Impact Crop Production

With wildfires ravaging the country since May, agriculture is taking a hit, and the effects are rippling downstream.
Posted On 12 Jul 2023

Why Green Zones Nurture Growth and Harmonize Cities with Nature

Being around nature changes the mind, and urbanization is taking these opportunities away from people — until green zones enter the picture in sustainable city designs. 
Posted On 15 Jun 2023

As Alberta’s oilsands continue leaking toxic wastewater, aquatic wildlife face new risks

Imperial Oil ordered to take immediate action to prevent further seepage of toxic wastes
Posted On 27 May 2023