We are poised to pass 1.5℃ of global warming

For three decades, the goal of international climate negotiations has been to avoid “dangerous” warming above 1.5℃. We are dangerously close to passing that .point.
Posted On 15 Sep 2023
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What does ‘moral hazard’ mean?

A scholar of financial regulation explains why it’s risky for the government to rescue banks.
Posted On 14 Sep 2023

Inflation – Is the Bank of Canada fixing it or making it worse

Inflation affects everything, making it harder to feed our families, pay rent, or even afford a home. The Bank of Canada is operating in a vacuum. Its policies need to be fixed.
Posted On 20 Jul 2023

Who Is Eligible for Clean Energy Tax Credits

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 includes two types of clean energy tax credits that aim to tackle climate change and reduce inflation
Posted On 27 Mar 2023

Delgamuukw 25 years on: How Canada has undermined the landmark decision on Indigenous land rights

The case presented First Nations with new possibilities to seek legal action against the government for control over Indigenous territories.
Posted On 12 Dec 2022

Canada’s Latin American community is growing, and universities must improve teaching about the region

Recent census data shows that the number of people identifying as Latinx in Canada is growing fast.
Posted On 11 Nov 2022

Why Is Erosion Control Important, and What Are the Best Onsite Solutions?

New construction can harm the local ecosystem if erosion control isn’t prioritized.
Posted On 25 Aug 2022

Here’s How to Build a Successful Renewable Energy Supply Chain

The rise of renewable energy is good news for the planet, consumers and the energy industry — but there’s still considerable work to be done
Posted On 09 Aug 2021