Vancouver’s maritime future must be embraced

Long recognized for its scenic beauty and quality of living, Vancouver is now being recognized for its potential as a global maritime hub.
Posted On 15 May 2017

Demystifying the Challenges of Green Construction in 2024

Green buildings hold significant promise for addressing the construction industry’s sustainability challenges.
Posted On 15 Jul 2024

People displaced by disasters tell of orecovery challenges

Designing for Resiliency can help to reduce the damages caused by extreme climate-related disasters and can speed up the recovery processs.
Posted On 05 Jul 2024

Business Resilience in the Face of Environmental Uncertainty

Scientists agree the global climate is changing at an unprecedented rate, bringing with it a host of environmental uncertainties that we must contend with.
Posted On 04 Jul 2024

Sustainable Drainage Systems: Combating Erosion and Preserving Natural Waterways

SuDS mimic natural water systems to minimize surface water runoff and flood risks in an environmentally friendly way.
Posted On 25 Jun 2024

Home Renovations to Prepare for Rising Temperatures

Proper home renovations become critical as climate change consequences become more palpable. How people adapt now could determine people’s safety and well-being in a warming world.
Posted On 23 Jun 2024

Redefining Life: Climate Change’s Impact on Human Existence

Global warming is driving natural disasters and worsening the impact of floods and wildfires
Posted On 04 Jun 2024


Although the fact that our weather patterns are changing is not headline news, the rising frequency and severity of extreme weather events are of growing concern.
Posted On 30 May 2024

Eco-Friendly Wedding Planning for the Modern Couple

Weddings are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your love but tyhey can have a negative environmental impact.
Posted On 15 May 2024

How Can Homeowners Utilize Natural Light to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Does using natural light truly reduce carbon emissions? If so, how can homeowners use it to reduce their footprint and utility costs?
Posted On 14 May 2024