More must be done to address the unequal impact of climate change

Experts warn that this year’s extreme heat will become common, which will have negative health impacts on already marginalized people
Posted On 17 Sep 2023

We are poised to pass 1.5℃ of global warming

For three decades, the goal of international climate negotiations has been to avoid “dangerous” warming above 1.5℃. We are dangerously close to passing that .point.
Posted On 15 Sep 2023
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What does ‘moral hazard’ mean?

A scholar of financial regulation explains why it’s risky for the government to rescue banks.
Posted On 14 Sep 2023

The Changing Face of the Environment Industry

A new imperative is shifting the emphasis in the environmental business world from the protection of the environment to protection from the environment.
Posted On 23 Aug 2023
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Carbon Offsets. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

When booking an international or domestic flight, airlines encourage passengers to invest a little money in carbon-saving technologies to offset the CO2 emissions combusted by the jet’s turbines.
Posted On 12 Aug 2023

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Recycled Packaging

Everyone outside the energy, manufacturing and shipping industries is curious about the pros and cons of recycled packaging.
Posted On 11 Aug 2023

From our Archives – Coastal Storm Surges and Climate Change – Atlantic Canada at Risk

Coastal regions like Atlantic Canada face a unique set of risks from storm surges
Posted On 05 Aug 2023
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Clean Technology and the Future of Waste Management

Waste management has emerged as one of history’s most significant societal challenges
Posted On 26 Jul 2023

Modern Monetary Theory: Elixir or Illusion

In the dismal science of economics, money is scarce, and we live on a budget.
Posted On 25 Jul 2023