Water Scarcity Is All Around Us

Millions of people in the U.S. lack running water. As climate change worsens, droughts will affect everyone regardless of economic status. Money cannot buy the rain.
Posted On 06 Mar 2023
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Oil and gas companies are seen as climate villains. But we’ll need their expertise

Oil and gas majors are well-placed to make green hydrogen and green chemicals
Posted On 03 Mar 2023

First Nations are using ‘creative disruption’ to foster economic growth in their communities

First Nations have been exercising their right to self-governance and taking control of their economic futures.
Posted On 02 Mar 2023

COP15’s Global Biodiversity Framework must advance Indigenous-led conservation

Prime Minister Trudeau announced funding of up to $800 million to support Indigenous-led conservation initiatives
Posted On 27 Feb 2023

The food systems that will feed Mars are set to transform food on Earth

Could we feed a city on Mars? This question is central to the future of space exploration and has serious repercussions on Earth too.
Posted On 26 Feb 2023

What Are the Best Sustainable Design Techniques for Home Builds

There is no right way to build an environmentally friendly home, but here are some of the most relevant and practical techniques for making the most impact.
Posted On 22 Feb 2023

Nature-Based Solutions the Key to Solving the Climate Crisis

Green roofs, artificial wetlands and rain gardens are manufactured inventions, but they function like natural systems.
Posted On 20 Feb 2023

The climate crisis demands we green higher education

The challenge is not so much to integrate sustainable development into engineering or management as to teach engineering and management for sustainable development. Shutterstock
Posted On 15 Feb 2023

We Need to Understand Nuclear’s Past Before We Can Bring It into the Future

In the era of severe climate change, one thing is for sure — fossil fuels have got to go. Could nuclear power at least serve as a stand-in until renewable energy takes off?
Posted On 08 Feb 2023