Water in the City – Crisis looms as urban populations explode 

With half the world’s population now in cities, inadequate surface water supplies will leave many at risk of drought.
Posted On 21 Feb 2015
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Business Can Play a Profitable Role in Combating Climate Change

The business world is facing unprecedented change.
Posted On 09 Dec 2014
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New Climate Normal Poses Severe Risks to Development

Dramatic climate changes and weather extremes already affecting millions of lives, but solutions exist
Posted On 23 Nov 2014
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China’s energy security strategy

China's strategy for securing its energy supply has been analysed in a new study.
Posted On 14 Nov 2014
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Why warnings on climate spark aggressive denials

New book illustrates how climate change messengers are demonized in a way without parallel in the history of science.
Posted On 08 Nov 2014
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Bill Ford charts a course for the future

William Ford Jr., offers his thoughts on the discontinuities facing automakers, management and the city of Detroit. McKinsey and Company has published a fascinating interview with
Posted On 04 Nov 2014
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Fears About Environment Rising – Sustainable Behavior Falling

Americans and Canadians at the bottom of global consumer sustainability rankings
Posted On 24 Oct 2014
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