Building a Pan-Canadian Climate Plan

Pembina Institute releases policy options to meet or exceed Canada’s 2030 emissions target
Posted On 16 Jun 2016
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How can we reduce concrete’s hefty carbon footprint?

Bit by bit, innovators are chipping away at this ubiquitous material’s environmental downsides
Posted On 24 Apr 2016
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An Opportunity to Develop a North American Price on Carbon

For the first time, the major economies of North America—the United States, Mexico, and Canada—are simultaneously eager to display ambition and leadership with respect to international climate cooperation.
Posted On 17 Mar 2016
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Emissions could make Earth uninhabitable

Researchers predict that the hothouse effect of runaway greenhouse gases would ultimately boil our planet dry and make it incapable of sustaining life.
Posted On 27 Feb 2016
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Carbon capture could be costly and risky

Attempts to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it safely are all potentially costly gambles with the current technology, scientists say.
Posted On 17 Feb 2016
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China – lowering CO2 emissions without harming economic growth

MIT professor sees coal use peaking within next decade and emissions dropping soon after.
Posted On 11 Feb 2016
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Carbon capture plans need urgent aid

Call for governments to give financial backing for technology that could help save the world from overheating by preventing CO2 escaping into the atmosphere.
Posted On 21 Jan 2016
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Science opens routes to energy recycling

From turning carbon dioxide into a fuel to enabling cars to run on water, scientific researchers worldwide are unlocking the potential of new energy sources.
Posted On 14 Jan 2016
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