China committed to reaching Paris climate agreement

China is committed to taking its responsibility to reach a binding climate agreement in Paris in late 2015,
Posted On 11 May 2015
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The changing face of electricity generation – jobs in the coal industry plummet

Transition to clean coal technology to reduce coal plants’ negative environmental impacts, may be only salvation for coal dependent regions
Posted On 12 Apr 2015
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Cleantech in the Oil Patch – New Investments Announced

The SD Tech Fund™ and the SD Natural Gas Fund™ are open for applications from February 18 to April 15, 2015.
Posted On 07 Mar 2015
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Emissions reducing investments generate employment and economic growth

Employment in Alberta will rise by 12,244 person-years over the period 2011-2016 and real gross domestic product by $1.95 billion.
Posted On 27 Feb 2015
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Flying high on CO2

Aviation industry faces pressure to stop GHG threat
Posted On 01 Jan 2015
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Global 500 emissions on the rise

Emissions from Global 500 firms are increasing despite reduction targets. Two Canadian firms report above 10% rise in emissions
Posted On 27 Dec 2014
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