Values in Global Carbon Markets Continue to Rise

Global volumes shrink in 2015, but boom in North American trading lifts turnover
Posted On 13 Jan 2016
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Offsetting or Offputting – Where the Kyoto Protocol went very wrong

A key carbon offsetting scheme was so open to abuse that three quarters of its allowances lacked environmental integrity, a new report says.
Posted On 17 Sep 2015
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Cap and Trade System to Limit Greenhouse Gas Pollution in Ontario

Provincial system will reward innovative companies and create more opportunities for investment in Ontario
Posted On 13 Apr 2015
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The Way Forward – Carbon Pricing at the Provincial Level

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission says provincial carbon pricing will keep Canada competitive in a changing global economy.
Posted On 07 Apr 2015
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Climate Bonds – State of the Market Report

Look forward to more Green Bonds from municipalities, cities and corporate issuers.
Posted On 17 Jul 2014
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Quick fixes won’t solve CO2 danger

The only way to contain climate change is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Posted On 06 Jul 2014
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Is China a market? A partner? A competitor? Yes. Yes. And yes.

China is Leading in both in ‘Clean’ and ‘Dirty’
Posted On 06 Jun 2014
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EU reports lowest greenhouse gas emissions on record

EU shows there is no conflict between a growing economy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Posted On 04 Jun 2014
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