My First Real Lesson in Leadership – Insights from Eamonn Percy

I learned that business is about people, first and foremost.
Posted On 21 Apr 2015
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Green and sustainable will not stop rising sea levels

Even if we somehow magically figured out how to make energy without any carbon emissions, and capped CO2 levels at the current 400 ppm, the oceans will still get higher, changing our coastlines.
Posted On 23 Mar 2015
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Acting on Climate Change: Solutions from Canadian Scholars

A complete shift to renewable energy is within Canada's reach We have the means, but do we have the will?
Posted On 21 Mar 2015
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Dirty, ugly mining has lessons for Hi Tech!

And Hi Tech should pay attention or it could feel the pain that mining felt when it started getting slammed by a rising tidal wave of social performance expectations.
Posted On 15 Mar 2015
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