New Guide to Carbon Pricing Leadership

As companies look to show climate leadership beyond COP21, being a carbon pricing champion presents clear opportunities.
Posted On 03 Dec 2015
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Is Renewable Energy Key to Canada’s Path To Climate Prosperity?

Report finds Canada’s renewable electricity advantage is key to cutting carbon pollution
Posted On 19 Nov 2015

How 5 Global Brands Use Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy could be the key factor in the future success of some of the world's most popular brands
Posted On 03 Nov 2015
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Electricity CEOs call for clear stable policies to reach CO2, energy goals

After 2 years of international consultations, world's leading utilities publish major report for Paris summit to help realize national CO2 pledges
Posted On 12 Oct 2015
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Wind Energy in Canada – 2015 Update

Wind's growing cost-competitiveness driving energy and economic diversification
Posted On 06 Oct 2015
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Clouds over China’s solar power industry

China is by far the world’s biggest producer of solar panels, but the industry could become a victim of its own success.
Posted On 10 Aug 2015
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Is Canadian hydropower the solution to Northeast’s high energy prices?

For the U.S. and its desire to have a cleaner and more reliable electricity system, they only have to look north
Posted On 04 Aug 2015
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Canada tops world for LEED Green Building

Canada cements its status as a world leader in the international green building and environmental sustainability movement - winning top spot second year in a row
Posted On 22 Jul 2015
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