Seven Steps to Design a Net-Zero Energy Building

Seven systems, appliances, construction techniques, and power sources can help to develop net-zero emission buildings.
Posted On 20 Apr 2022

Lowering the Carbon Tax as a Business Incentive

The Supreme Court's ratifying of the constitutionality of the federal carbon tax changes the game for everyone
Posted On 29 Mar 2021
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Covid-19 recovery and fossil fuels – A time for change

Despite the economic impact of COVID-19 2019 data shows a 38% rise in overall support for the production of fossil fuels
Posted On 05 Jun 2020
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World Commodity Prices to Rise says World Bank – Coal and Oil will cost more!

Oil prices to average $55 per barrel in 2017, rise next year
Posted On 26 Apr 2017
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Nuclear giants limp towards extinction

Cost overruns and delays are pushing the nuclear industry into a financial black hole that threatens any future expansion.
Posted On 14 Apr 2017
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Russia – The New Renewable Energy Superpower

Russia has abundance of all renewable energy sources which can be scaled up to fuel economic growth by 2030
Posted On 05 Apr 2017
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Oil’s methane emissions higher than feared

New study shows that oil production can result in methane emissions up to twice as high as estimated by ‘simplistic’ data collection systems.
Posted On 06 Feb 2017
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Exxon predicts energy demand up 25% by 2040

A quarter more energy will be required in 23 years' time due to population growth, and oil will remain the primary source, report estimates.
Posted On 06 Jan 2017
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