Early-stage firms to benefit from 100M Suncor, Cenovus cleantech fund

Evok Innovations hopes to give entrepreneurs, startups a "direct line" to oil and gas giants, a way into oilsands supply chain
Posted On 23 Jan 2016
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New Analyses Reveals Record-Shattering Global Temperatures in 2015

The planet’s average surface temperature has risen about 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1.0 degree Celsius) since the late-19th century
Posted On 20 Jan 2016
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National Energy Board Releases Pipeline Safety Engagement Report

The National Engagement Initiative fundamentally altered the way that the NEB understands its role as a federal regulator
Posted On 13 Jan 2016
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Electric Vehicle Sales in North America on the rise

North American sales are expected to exceed 1.1 million annually by 2024. Canada is 1 year behind the United States in terms of vehicle availability but sales will rise by over 20% annually
Posted On 25 Jul 2015
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Ontario feels the heat – Gap looms in climate change fight

Ontario will miss its 2020 target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions if it doesn’t expand and act on its policies.
Posted On 07 Jul 2015
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Heat and drought pose threat to US power supplies

Global warming will leave people in the western states of the US exposed to increasingly extreme temperatures that could seriously affect electricity generation.
Posted On 25 May 2015
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New Liability Regime for Pipeline Companies

The proposed amendments would increase pipeline companies' liability.
Posted On 23 May 2015
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Oil prices and the New Climate Economy

Renewables are a safer bet than price-volatile oil, says New Climate Economy Report
Posted On 12 May 2015
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