Increasing World Renewable Energy Would Boost Global GDP by $1.3 Trillion

Dramatically scaling up renewables in the global energy mix by 2030 would increase GDP, social welfare and employment worldwide
Posted On 16 Jan 2016

Emissions cuts boost health and wealth

It’s not just the planet that benefits from reductions in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that intensify global warming.
Posted On 10 Jan 2016
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The Human Cost of Climate Change

COP 21: New study informs Paris summit delegates that extreme weather in the last two decades has claimed well over half a million lives and cost trillions of dollars.
Posted On 28 Nov 2015
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More warming will bring a more polluted future

Global warming will increase airborne aerosols and cause more atmospheric pollution
Posted On 15 Nov 2015
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Turn down the heat – turn up your life line

Increasing energy efficiency in the home may boost life expectancy and health
Posted On 08 Aug 2015
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How great are the risks posed by climate change?

Report commissioned by the UK government says the risks of climate change are comparable to those posed by nuclear conflict.
Posted On 18 Jul 2015
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Stress on water resources threatens lives and livelihoods

Satellite data raises red-flag warning about the draining of underground aquifers to meet the demands of expanding populations.
Posted On 29 Jun 2015
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Loblaws will ban microbeads from its products

When a leader like Loblaw puts a stake in the ground on an issue like this, it enables real change
Posted On 11 Jun 2015
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