Over 100 Leading Scientists Call for a Moratorium on New Oil Sands Development

Consensus statement says the science is clear: there can be no more oil sands development if we are to solve the global climate crisis
Posted On 10 Jun 2015
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Earth has warmed as usual, there is no slowdown of global warming

US scientists re-examine the collection of data which seemed to show global warming slowing since 1998 and say temperatures have continued to rise steadily.
Posted On 07 Jun 2015
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New study assesses 15 Canadian cities’ preparedness for flooding

In the last 30 years, Canadian insurers have doubled their client claim payments every five years because of damage caused by natural disasters.
Posted On 21 May 2015
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How Food Waste Costs Our Cities Millions

Almost all urban areas experience high levels of food waste—food that is fit for consumption when it reaches consumers but is discarded before or after spoiling.
Posted On 19 May 2015
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Climbing the Solar Energy Ladder – New approach for energy-starved rural poor

Small solar home systems anywhere from 10 to 100 watts, allow people to light their homes, recharge cell phones, and run a small appliance or two.
Posted On 15 May 2015
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Can Walmart Get Us to Buy Sustainable Products?

We all want to buy the best products we can find and afford. But what does “best” actually mean? The ones that offer the best bang for the buck or give us the most pride of ownership?
Posted On 12 May 2015
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Will Climate Change become the Next Holy War

World leaders look to religions for ‘moral leadership’ on climate change
Posted On 29 Apr 2015
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Nobel Laureates call on cities to tackle sustainability challenge

Cities need to re-invent themselves if they want to be a safe home for generations to come.
Posted On 25 Apr 2015
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