When sea levels rise, damage costs rise even faster

Damages from extreme events like floods are even more relevant than the mean sea level itself when it comes to the costs of climate impacts for coastal regions.
Posted On 29 Feb 2016
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Emissions could make Earth uninhabitable

Researchers predict that the hothouse effect of runaway greenhouse gases would ultimately boil our planet dry and make it incapable of sustaining life.
Posted On 27 Feb 2016
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New Offshore Legislation on Environmental Protection Now in Effect

Legislation ensures companies operating offshore can cover cleanup costs and that the polluter pays not taxpayers,
Posted On 26 Feb 2016
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Better water use can cut global food gap

Scientists say that forecasts of a world food shortage need not prove as disastrous as previously thought if humans learn to use water more effectively.
Posted On 16 Feb 2016
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Yukon climate change report confirms rapid warming and ecosystem changes

A new report documenting climate change in the Yukon has been released - and its findings are pretty grim says Whitehorse Star
Posted On 12 Feb 2016
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Is it time to rethink recycling?

If our current approach to recycling isn’t the best for the economy or the environment, why do we do it? Is it better to design products and packaging further upstream to avoid waste altogether?
Posted On 09 Feb 2016
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New coalition to wage war on wasted food

New global coalition says food that fails to reach consumers or is dumped as waste could instead save lives and cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Posted On 24 Jan 2016
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New Analyses Reveals Record-Shattering Global Temperatures in 2015

The planet’s average surface temperature has risen about 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1.0 degree Celsius) since the late-19th century
Posted On 20 Jan 2016
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