No Clean Growth without Clean Mining

Indigenous communities, advocacy groups petition at the Canadian Energy & Mines Ministers Conference
Posted On 14 Aug 2017
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Money runs short for nuclear energy’s survival

Renewable fuels are challenging nuclear energy’s survival everywhere, and financing new reactors is growing increasingly difficult.
Posted On 24 Jun 2017
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Are electric vehicle subsidies the right approach?

Subsidies may be the least efficient and most expensive way of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Posted On 22 Jun 2017
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Global wind and solar costs to fall even faster – Report

BNEF sees solar energy costs dropping a further 66% by 2040, and onshore wind by 47%
Posted On 19 Jun 2017
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Canada ranks 4th in new global cleantech index

Top scores for funding available and early entrepreneurship
Posted On 15 Jun 2017
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States and industries face more climate court action

Campaigners are increasingly using climate court action to press governments and corporations to fulfil their obligations to combat climate change.
Posted On 15 Jun 2017
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When the rubber hits the road

Shredded tire pieces are already used in asphalt in some countries but UBC is trying out polymer fibres in concrete
Posted On 14 Jun 2017

The Future is Circular: New Rules for Sustainable Purchasing

Progressive organizations must let go of the “cheapest price” mindset once and for all
Posted On 09 Jun 2017
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