Making your ‘tough times’ speech a path to the promised land.

How to structure a speech for turbulent times by elevating your speech from mundane to visionary
Posted On 11 Feb 2016
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The 1% Solution: Grow Your Business By Leveraging Incremental Improvement

“Human happiness comes not from infrequent pieces of good fortune, but from the small improvements in daily life” – Benjamin Franklin
Posted On 09 Feb 2016
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Prime Minister to deliver keynote speech at GLOBE 2016 Summit

"There is enormous opportunity for Canada to become a leader in the clean growth market." Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Posted On 09 Feb 2016
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How to Use Lean Thinking to Grow Sales and Improve Profit

The foundational principle of lean is to focus all value added activities on your customer, and to remove or mitigate, all non-value activities.
Posted On 26 Jan 2016
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How to Trust Your Gut Instinct

Decision making is rarely a rational exercise.
Posted On 20 Dec 2015
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Nobel laureates issue climate tragedy alert

Some of the world’s leading scientists delivered to the French president warnings of the disastrous consequences of not limiting global emissions
Posted On 09 Dec 2015
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The Passing of a Champion – Remembering Nick Sonntag

Nicholas Sonntag devoted his life to protecting today's environment in order to leave a better world for tomorrow
Posted On 27 Oct 2015

The Arguments Against Climate Action Are Crumbling Fast

by Andrew Winston It’s getting very hard for the “go slow” crowd on climate and the clean economy. All of the best talking points are completely falling apart. Here are 7 core arguments about why the U.S. acting on climate change, or building a clean economy, are bad ideas…and...
Posted On 25 Oct 2015
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