Celebrating Vancouver’s Emergence as a Global Shipping Hub


Vancouver, BC, September 28, 2017  – The Vancouver International Maritime Centre (VIMC) in collaboration with Keesal Young & Logan (KYL) hosted a complimentary seminar and lunch to celebrate World Maritime Day 2017 in Vancouver with presentations supporting the 2017 International Maritime Organization (IMO) theme “Connecting Ships, Ports and People”.

The seminar featured presentations from KYL’s John D. Giffin, Philip R. Lempriere, David A. Tong and Tara B. Voss and a panel moderated by Jane McIvor, Editor, of BC Shipping News. The panel represented a cross section of Vancouver’s shipping industry:  Captain Philip McCarter of BCIT, Terry Engler of ILWU 400, Dr. Joost Schokkenbroek of Vancouver Maritime Museum, Haijun Yu of Vancouver ShipInvest & Management Ltd, Chad Allen of Shipping Federation of Canada, and Christian Ott of Teekay.

Trevor Heryet, Regional Executive Director of Transport Canada, addressed the audience with an overview of Canadian maritime issues.

At the event the VIMC released the Menon Economics “The Leading Maritime Capitals of the World 2017 – Vancouver City Report”.   This report recognises that Vancouver’s maritime industry is well established and forecasts that Vancouver, “with continued government support, will improve its competitiveness and global position within the maritime industry”.

Since its re-establishment in 2015, the VIMC has actively promoted Vancouver to the international shipping industry in order to raise awareness globally of Vancouver’s potential as a maritime hub.  The results of this effort can be clearly identified in the Menon Economics report and the list of companies attracted to Vancouver by VIMC.

VIMC Chairman and CEO, Graham Clarke believes the success of Vancouver as a maritime hub directly correlates with the attractiveness of the city both for its location on the Pacific Rim trading route but also for the many business advantages Canada has to offer.

Executive Director Kaity Arsoniadis-Stein emphasized that “Canada is a resource-rich trading nation with a strong banking system, political stability, universal healthcare system, world-class universities, a highly skilled workforce and a strong social infrastructure providing a high quality of life.  Therefore, Canada provides an ideal setting for companies who are looking for a western, modern and stable environment”.

The VIMC gratefully acknowledges the support of the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia as well as the International Shipowners Alliance of Canada.

For more information about the VIMC please go to: http://vancouverimc.org/

About the Vancouver International Maritime Centre (VIMC) and Vancouver, Canada
VIMC promotes Vancouver as a location for international shipping and maritime companies, and assists interested companies in developing their operations on the Pacific Corridor.

The Province of British Columbia, Canada’s gateway to the Asia Pacific, has partnered with the Government of Canada and the International Ship-Owners Alliance of Canada to invest in the VIMC to attract new investment and strengthen the province’s shipping industry.

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