Going Green with Car Sharing

Posted On 13 Feb 2019
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Car sharing is a growing trend that allows drivers to “rent” a shared car whenever they like. Sharing services are popping up in major cities around the country, but why is this new driving trend so popular?

There’s quite a few benefits to car sharing, but one stands out from the rest. Car sharing is proven to be a more environmentally-friendly version of ride sharing transportation! While Uber and Lyft encourage more drivers to hit the streets for profit (increasing traffic, emissions and pollution), car sharing services like ZipCar and Cars2Go reduce the number of personal vehicles on the road. In fact, just one shared car has been found to eliminate the need for up to 20 personal cars!

Here’s just a few other green benefits car sharing is dishing out:

  • Reducing emissions by nearly 20 percent
  • 14 tons of greenhouse gas prevented from entering the environment
  • Saving 40,000 gallons of water needed to manufacture just one new car
    • Do the math: if one shared car replaces 20 personal cars, that’s 800,000 gallons saved per shared car!

Perhaps most importantly, most sharing services boast a complement of electric vehicles. The Ford F-Series has secured its place as the best-selling vehicle in Canada for the tenth consecutive year and with announcements that the F-150 is going all electric, you can expect to see North America’s favorite truck on car sharing apps very soon.

Want to give car sharing a try? Check out this infographic to find out if car sharing is right for your needs and lifestyle!

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