The Way Forward – Carbon Pricing at the Provincial Level

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission says provincial carbon pricing will keep Canada competitive in a changing global economy.
Posted On 07 Apr 2015
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China ramps up the rhetoric on climate change – country’s harvests and infrastructure at risk

China is the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases − largely due to its reliance on coal for power generation.
Posted On 31 Mar 2015
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Climate change cap must be lowered, warns expert

Decision-makers from developed nations are no longer listening to the scientific argument. Now it boils down to cost.
Posted On 30 Mar 2015
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Who really is responsible for climate change and industrial emissions policy in Canada?

We have learned to live the lack of clarity as to who actually is responsible for climate change policy in Canada. But can this continue?
Posted On 23 Mar 2015
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Acting on Climate Change: Solutions from Canadian Scholars

A complete shift to renewable energy is within Canada's reach We have the means, but do we have the will?
Posted On 21 Mar 2015
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New plans announced to govern oil sands tailings ponds and water use

Efforts to strengthen environmental protections in the oil sands could be stimulus for new recovery, remediation and restoration technologies
Posted On 15 Mar 2015
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The Road to Paris – Poorest nations seek US-EU lead on climate deal

“We can’t afford not to agree a legally-binding treaty . . . If we fail, the most vulnerable countries will be the victims” Quamrul Chowdhury, Bangladesh's climate envoy to the UN
Posted On 08 Mar 2015
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Emissions reducing investments generate employment and economic growth

Employment in Alberta will rise by 12,244 person-years over the period 2011-2016 and real gross domestic product by $1.95 billion.
Posted On 27 Feb 2015
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