Landmark Climate Change Agreement to Enter into Force

Over 55 Parties covering More Than 55 per cent of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Ratify the Paris Climate Change Agreement
Posted On 05 Oct 2016
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Climate impact on crops will hit poorest

Global food production may need to rise by more than 100 per cent to deal with climate change’s effects on crops in the most vulnerable regions.
Posted On 27 Sep 2016
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Fabric creates energy for power dressing

New hi-tech fabric that harnesses energy from motion and the sun illustrates how scientific ingenuity is creating ways to help tackle climate change.
Posted On 24 Sep 2016
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The Top 7 Things I’ve Learned About Sustainability

Here are the Top 7 things I've learned along the way about climate change and sustainability:
Posted On 22 Sep 2016
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Species at Risk – What is your opinion about implementing the new Act?

Government of Canada seeking input on the draft policies on the Species at Risk Act
Posted On 20 Sep 2016
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Canadians believe businesses should reduce transportation-related emissions

Survey also found that 82 per cent of Canadians felt that the use of environmentally-friendly transportation, such as electric or hybrid vehicles or using green fuels like biodiese
Posted On 18 Sep 2016
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Significant savings in renewable energy in remote, northern communities – Study

Hybridized electricity production that includes renewable energy is projected to be less expensive than business-as-usual in some northern communities,
Posted On 17 Sep 2016
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What are your views about Canada’s Environmental Assessment Processes?

The Expert Panel tasked with reviewing environmental assessment processes wants to hear your views and ideas
Posted On 15 Sep 2016
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