Species at Risk – What is your opinion about implementing the new Act?


Ottawa, September 19th, 2016 – The Government of Canada has posted seven draft policies on the Species at Risk Public Registry (sararegistry.gc.ca).

These policies listed below support the predictable, clear and consistent implementation of the Species at Risk Act. As an individual, community, or organization which may be directly affected by these policies, we wanted to notify you of the opportunity to provide input.

The Government would welcome any comments you may have and is particularly interested in your response to the following:

• Do you find the policies clear and understandable?
• Do you have any concerns or recommendations regarding these policies?

The seven draft policies include:

  1. Policy on Critical Habitat Protection on Non-federal Lands
  2. Policy on Protecting Critical Habitat with Conservation Agreements under Section 11 of the Species at Risk Act
  3. Policy on Survival and Recovery
  4. Policy Regarding the Identification of Anthropogenic Structures as Critical Habitat under the Species at Risk Act
  5. Approach to the Identification of Critical Habitat under the Species at Risk Act when Habitat Loss is Not Believed to be a Significant Threat to the Survival or Recovery of the Species
  6. Species at Risk Act Permitting Policy
  7. Listing policy for Terrestrial Species at Risk

You are invited to submit your feedback to the Species at Risk Public Registry at the following address: ec.registrelep-sararegistry.ec@canada.ca by November 18th, 2016 or by contacting:

Conservation Planning Unit
Canadian Wildlife Service, Pacific Region
Environment and Climate Change Canada
5421 Robertson Road, Delta, BC, V4K 3N2

For your information, related to the seven draft policies, the Government of Canada also posted the following final documents:
1. Range Plan Guidance for Woodland Caribou, Boreal Population (Final)

2. The Species at Risk Act Policy Principles (Final)

Should you have any questions regarding these materials, please use the e-mail address provided above.

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