Rise in plunder of Earth’s natural resources

New UN report warns that the threefold increase in extraction of the Earth’s primary materials will intensify climate change, increase air pollution and reduce biodiversity.
Posted On 23 Jul 2016
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Flood damages could multiply under climate change

Flood-related losses can be expected to increase considerably in Germany as a result of climate change, a new study shows.
Posted On 22 Jul 2016
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Droughts dry up Amazon’s ‘green lungs’

Serious tree loss and stunted growth caused by repeated droughts in the Amazon Basin have damaged the rain forest’s vital ability to store atmospheric carbon.
Posted On 22 Jul 2016
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Climate change’s costs are still escalating

Scientific reports released for a conference today on disaster risk reduction warn that people are already dying and economies being hit by climate change − and that the dangers are growing.
Posted On 22 Jul 2016
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Cyclones set to get fiercer as world warms

New analysis of cyclone data and computer climate modelling indicates that global warming is likely to intensify the destructive power of tropical storms.
Posted On 16 Jul 2016
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Urban Dwellers Drive Massive Deforestation

Cities' sustainability efforts may be undermined by urban destruction of forested carbon sinks.
Posted On 12 Jul 2016

Increasing energy investment could cut premature deaths by half – report

Energy is the main contributor to air pollution that kills millions each year, but a 7% increase in energy investment could cut death toll significantly, says new IEA report
Posted On 27 Jun 2016

Review of environmental and regulatory processes seeks to restore public trust

The federal government is acting on a commitment to review and restore confidence in Canada's environmental and regulatory processes
Posted On 20 Jun 2016