19 Energy Efficiency Myths Debunked


By Alexander Velazquez-Guzman

March 10, 2017 – Climate change has inspired multiple countries to join together to reduce carbon emissions, decrease energy use, and become more sustainable.

Many countries have encouraged Energy-Efficiency strategies by offering special tax and financial incentives for homeowners and the elderly. However, many citizens often follow false energy-efficiency habits from their friends and family based

Canadians are spending an average of 12,000 kWh per year which can be significantly reduced. In many cities, like Ontario, there are new programs established in order to help household users decrease the amount of energy being used. The Save On Energy Home Assistance Program advises customers on energy efficient strategies to lower their usage.

There are several more strategies that Canadian homeowners can use in order to lower their energy consumption. You can cut down on your energy use today in many ways from lowering 1 degree on your heater’s thermostat to unplugging unused appliances from the wall.

With so many strategies to choose from, choosing the correct and best ones to save the most on energy may be hard.

That’s why Greenmatch helped clear popular misconceptions and debunked these popular Energy-Efficiency myths through their unique infographic below:

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