Initiatives Council Calls for Massive Community Integration

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Ottawa, ON – The Construction Resource Initiatives Council (CRI Council) will host a press conference for an official Call-to-Integration to generate the means and motivation for community building and sustainable resource  development in Ottawa, Friday, September 25, 2015.

Address:          La Charrette, 460 West Hunt Club Road (at Merivale), Ottawa; See Map here

Time:                9:00 AM; Media availability and networking post-presentation, 10:00 to 11:00                                                           

The press conference will start with important news on the organization’s first and MIT award winning initiative, Mission 2030, launched, in Toronto on February 19, 2013, to address construction waste.

The focus will then be on the Post-2015 Plan and urgent community integration imperative to responsibly reach the 2030 common goals and improve industry performance, specially those linked to basic materials, industrials and consumer goods.

Those who have already adopted Mission 2030 will find a significant evolution to support them more efficiently; while new comers will learn why the urgency to act.

All will leave with a clear understanding of how the CRI Council plans to efficiently and effectively address waste at the source and increase development value to customers and people in general. The stakeholders, regions for pilots, timelines, industry super sectors and sectors priority details will also all be shared out.

By now, most should know that economic growth and social development cannot be sustained with our current consumption and production patterns. Despite this, resource extraction and consumption, harmful chemical use, waste generation and poor production or waste management practices are not only unsustainable, they are out of control.

In 2013, expenditures by Canadian municipalities reached $ 2.9 billion while revenues only $ 2.6 billion, with the largest increase going to closed landfill maintenance. North American have long held the dubious honors of being the most wasteful on earth.

But sadly now, have added being second with the most reported economic crimes, which affects one in three organizations. Therefore, integration is becoming more important than ever to improve conditions for the people, justice, prosperity, dignity, partnerships and planet.

The press conference will end with a formal unifying Declaration and invitation for all leaders and stakeholders to adopt, as a commitment to empower the creation of a formal Protocol, to be ratified in 2017 and agreed upon in 2020; as an efficient solution to the Canada Action Plan,

Extended Producer Responsibility, listing construction and demolition materials, furniture, textiles, carpet and appliances with ozone-depleting substances for EPR policies to be in place by 2017.

The Declaration, Protocol and ultimately Agreement will serve to improve communication and industry performance, to provide a safer, healthier and generative built environment, in alignment with the UN Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.  The conference will be followed by a Project Charrette.

About CRI Council: The CRI Council is a non-profit, non-partisan industry-led integrated body of knowledge and alliance for genuine reform progress in resource development and management

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