Michael Cleland Canada’s Energy Person of the Year

Maichael Cleland

Michael Cleland

OTTAWA, Ontario. June 15, 2015 – The Energy Council of Canada has announced the recipient of the 2015 Canadian Energy Person of the Year Award, Mr. Michael Cleland.

Mr. Cleland has demonstrated his leadership in the public and private sectors in advancing energy issues during a distinguished 40-year career.

He has held senior executive positions in government and with two of Canada’s leading industry associations in the energy sector as well as playing a prominent role as a board member of a number of energy organizations. He was also a keynote speaker at GLOBE 2014.

Most recently, he has provided insights on energy in Canada based on his leading-edge public policy research.

Mr. Cleland has had a profound impact on the Canadian energy industry and its related sectors with regard to energy security, equity and sustainability. Here are just a few of the accomplishments that he has achieved for Canada’s energy system:

  • Influenced and managed both domestic and international files that contributed to the broader liberalization of the energy market in Canada
  • Positioned natural gas successfully as an affordable and accessible energy source for Canada
  • Mobilized diverse constituencies through inclusive processes to have meaningful conversations on energy and an energy framework for Canada
  • Championed that sustainability requires full system efficiency, the integration of energy systems and a willingness to take a broader look at the importance of energy end-use (the demand perspective)
  • Demonstrated thought leadership on a broad range of topics related to energy and environmental sustainability, including energy strategy, carbon policy and social license

Speaking on behalf of the Energy Council of Canada, Colin Andersen, Chair, congratulates Mr. Cleland and adds: “We’re pleased to once again recognize a truly deserving individual. Mike Cleland joins 15 other outstanding Canadians the ECC has honoured”.

Brent Gilmour, the Executive Director of QUEST – Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow, and nominator commented that “Mike’s commitment, passion, and thought leadership has greatly contributed to shaping the energy policy landscape for the benefit of all Canadians, most notably in improving the sustainability of Canada’s energy system”.

The Canadian Energy Person of the Year Award was established by the Energy Council of Canada in 2001 to recognize and pay tribute to a Canadian energy leader who has made a significant impact at the national and international levels with the energy sector. Nominations are based upon the nominee’s remarkable accomplishments in the business or public sectors and the community at large.

A foremost characteristic of the nominee is their strong sense of social responsibility and their commitment to give back to the community. Their forward thinking and innovative spirit enable these leaders to promote, inform and contribute to the Canadian energy sector.

These distinguished individuals play an ongoing role supporting the aims and activities of the Energy Council of Canada. The 2015 Award Ceremony will be held on November 25 in Calgary, Alberta.

ECCThe Energy Council is Canada’s national energy association made up of 65+ member organizations representing all forms of energy, the federal and provincial governments, all energy industry associations, and companies providing legal and business services to the energy industry. The ECC is the Canadian Member Committee of the 95-country World Energy Council. Events and activities can be found at www.energy.ca.

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