B.C. business leaders call for a stronger carbon tax

Open letter to Premier Christy Clark calls for $10 per tonne per year increase will benefit the economy.
Posted On 30 Mar 2016

7 promising signs we’re moving toward a more sustainable world

From enhancing transparency to taking lessons from catastrophe, people are working hard every day to pull our planet back from the brink.
Posted On 02 Mar 2016
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Renewable Energy Employs 7.7 Million People Worldwide – Report

Employment in the renewable energy industry increased by more than one million jobs in the last year
Posted On 20 May 2015
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The market benefits of ‘green’ condos in Toronto

LEED-certified condo units provide consumers with additional housing choice, promising better energy efficiency and other features.
Posted On 15 May 2015
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The changing face of electricity generation – jobs in the coal industry plummet

Transition to clean coal technology to reduce coal plants’ negative environmental impacts, may be only salvation for coal dependent regions
Posted On 12 Apr 2015
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One Million Green Jobs by 2030 – Is that the best we can do?

The widely published estimate of one million green jobs by 2030 is extremely conservative. Much more must be done to meet the 2°C compatible trajectory
Posted On 08 Apr 2015
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Do green policies create green jobs? Case not proven yet – Report

New study concludes that claims about ‘green jobs’ cannot yet be assessed by governments
Posted On 31 Mar 2015
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