New Analyses Reveals Record-Shattering Global Temperatures in 2015

The planet’s average surface temperature has risen about 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1.0 degree Celsius) since the late-19th century
Posted On 20 Jan 2016
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Paris Agreement Basics Part 1: Global Warming

The combination of likely net damage costs of climate change and the risk of catastrophe has generated political will to address the problem was a factor leading to the Paris Agreement.
Posted On 16 Jan 2016
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Science opens routes to energy recycling

From turning carbon dioxide into a fuel to enabling cars to run on water, scientific researchers worldwide are unlocking the potential of new energy sources.
Posted On 14 Jan 2016
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Emissions cuts boost health and wealth

It’s not just the planet that benefits from reductions in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that intensify global warming.
Posted On 10 Jan 2016
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China Sustainable Cities Report

Opportunities to guide Chinese Cities on the path toward sustainable urbanization
Posted On 30 Dec 2015
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World carbon dioxide emissions may be falling

Global carbon dioxide emissions may be dropping ever so slightly this year, spurred by a dramatic plunge in Chinese pollution
Posted On 11 Dec 2015
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New Guide to Carbon Pricing Leadership

As companies look to show climate leadership beyond COP21, being a carbon pricing champion presents clear opportunities.
Posted On 03 Dec 2015
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The Human Cost of Climate Change

COP 21: New study informs Paris summit delegates that extreme weather in the last two decades has claimed well over half a million lives and cost trillions of dollars.
Posted On 28 Nov 2015
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