‘Hidden’ warming points to more record temperatures

As scientists seek to explain the apparent slowing in global warming this century, the future seems clear: without a huge cut in emissions, there’s hotter times ahead.
Posted On 29 Jul 2015
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The cost of inaction – Recognizing the value at risk from climate change

Investors could lose up to $4.2tn on the value of their holdings from the impact of climate change by 2100 even if global warming is held at plus 2C
Posted On 26 Jul 2015
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Beyond the Climate Refugee: Migration as Adaptation

Misconceptions about climate-induced migration could lead to inadequate support for affected populations.
Posted On 25 Jul 2015
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Confusion Slows Adaptation to Climate Change

We build our communities based on historic weather patterns, but our assumptions about what the climate will be no longer hold up.
Posted On 14 Jul 2015
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Ontario feels the heat – Gap looms in climate change fight

Ontario will miss its 2020 target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions if it doesn’t expand and act on its policies.
Posted On 07 Jul 2015
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Extreme Weather In A Changing Climate: Asking The Right Questions

Scientists are proposing a new way to access the influence of climate change on extreme weather events.
Posted On 27 Jun 2015
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Energy and Climate Change – pillars for success at COP21

New IEA Report offers strategy for delivering a peak in energy emissions by 2020
Posted On 15 Jun 2015
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NASA releases detailed global climate change projections – An Update

NASA climate projections provide a detailed view of future temperature and precipitation patterns around the world from 1950 to 2100.
Posted On 13 Jun 2015
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