Can we economically outgrow climate change damages? Not for hurricanes we can’t

More than 50 percent of all weather-related economic losses on the globe are caused by damages due to tropical cyclones.
Posted On 16 Aug 2016
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Battle to contain climate warming HFCs continues

Montreal Protocol meetings continue the United Nations negotiations for a global hydrofluorocarbons phase-down
Posted On 25 Jul 2016
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Canadian Business leaders join the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition

Business leaders from across the Canadian economy have committed to being private sector partners of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition
Posted On 15 Jul 2016

Urban Dwellers Drive Massive Deforestation

Cities' sustainability efforts may be undermined by urban destruction of forested carbon sinks.
Posted On 12 Jul 2016

Increasing energy investment could cut premature deaths by half – report

Energy is the main contributor to air pollution that kills millions each year, but a 7% increase in energy investment could cut death toll significantly, says new IEA report
Posted On 27 Jun 2016

Review of environmental and regulatory processes seeks to restore public trust

The federal government is acting on a commitment to review and restore confidence in Canada's environmental and regulatory processes
Posted On 20 Jun 2016

Warming raises global economic threats

Research shows that the effects of extreme heat and weather events on production of raw materials has far-reaching and costly financial implications.
Posted On 17 Jun 2016
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Building a Pan-Canadian Climate Plan

Pembina Institute releases policy options to meet or exceed Canada’s 2030 emissions target
Posted On 16 Jun 2016
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