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OTTAWA, September 15, 2016  – The Expert Panel tasked with reviewing environmental assessment processes announced a series of in-person engagement activities.

The Expert Panel was convened pursuant to the mandate letter of the Minister of Environment and Climate Change to “immediately review Canada’s environmental assessment processes to regain public trust and help get resources to market and introduce new, fair processes that will:

  • Restore robust oversight and thorough environmental assessments of areas under federal jurisdiction, while working with provinces and territories to avoid duplication;
  • Ensure decisions are based on science, facts and evidence and serve the public’s interest;
  • Provide ways for Canadians to express their views and opportunities for experts to meaningfully participate; and
  • Require project advocates to choose the best technologies available to reduce environmental impacts.”

The Expert Panel will be travelling the country from September 19 to December 15, 2016, to hear the views of Indigenous Peoples, stakeholders and all Canadians on the federal environmental assessment process.

“I and my fellow Panel members are excited and honoured to have been provided the opportunity to contribute to the Government’s review of environmental assessment processes.” said Johanne Gélinas  Chair, of the Expert Panel.

“The Panel intends to engage Indigenous Peoples, stakeholders and all Canadians in a number of ways throughout the review. We look forward to Canadians across the country sharing their expertise and their experiences with us.”

Canadians are invited to learn more at www.EAreview.ca and to follow the Expert Panel at @EA_review (www.twitter.com/EA_review).

Mandate: The Panel’s review shall consider the goals and purpose of modern-day environmental assessment and be conducted in a manner that is consistent with these Terms of Reference. The Panel shall prepare a report that sets out:

  • The conclusions, recommendations and rationale for the conclusions and recommendations of the Panel; and
  • A summary of the input received and how it was considered, including that from the Multi-Interest Advisory Committee or other experts.

Input gathered both in-person and online will help inform the Expert Panel’s review. A report, including recommendations, is due to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change in January 2017.

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