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OAKVILLE, ON, Dec. 15, 2016 /CNW/ – The Weather Network has launched the Severe Weather Outlook tool, a supplementary information resource for local forecasts on desktop and mobile web.

This product will help users prepare for significant or severe weather, such as thunderstorms, heavy rain, snow and freezing rain that may result in weather warnings or alerts being issued.

The launch of this tool is another important step for the company as it continues to deliver on its promise to provide your weather when it really matters.

To help users plan ahead and be prepared for potentially dangerous weather conditions, consumers will now see an at a glance summary of the Severe Weather Outlook below their city’s short-term forecast.

The Severe Weather Outlook shows the risk of severe or impactful weather over a 3 day period and presents the information on a local risk scale from 0-10. In addition to the severe weather risk, users will also find additional information such as advice on actions that should be taken for safety, local maps, relevant weather videos and emergency preparedness tips.

“Severe and impactful weather is on the horizon for many parts of Canada this winter,” said Pierre L. Morrissette, Chairman, President & CEO of Pelmorex Media Inc.

“As a trusted source for safety information, The Weather Network is excited to launch another innovative product, the Severe Weather Outlook. We will continue to inform Canadians about impending weather conditions, helping them take action and plan accordingly to keep themselves, their families and property safe during severe weather.”

In the event of a winter storm or icy conditions, below are a few tips that can help keep Canadians safe on and off the road:

  • Keep exposure to cold at a minimum, especially areas of the body such as hands, feet and ears to avoid frostbite
  • Keep emergency items in your vehicle such as an ice scraper, snow brush, first aid kit and booster cables
  • Have your tires checked for proper alignment, pressure and tread depth. Winter tires are especially beneficial in temperatures of 7°C or below, as they handle icy and snowy conditions more effectively than all-season tires
  • Make sure your wiper blades are in working order, and consider replacing them with winter-specific blades, which are heavier and more effective at shifting snow

Additional severe winter weather tips are available at

The Severe Weather Outlook is the newest addition to The Weather Network’s robust product offerings. As the country’s leading weather information provider,

The Weather Network is committed to providing weather information to Canadians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through its multiple platforms. Through its television station, web, TV and mobile applications, it has become an integral part of millions of Canadians lives helping them plan their daily activities.

To view your local Severe Weather Outlook, please visit


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